Monday, November 09, 2009

Great! This is just for a single task (website review) last October. I never thought it's for real. Yes, I do sign up to a lot of things and try more earning sites each day then blog about it once I received payment. I'm into article writing so PTC is a big no-no...

In Blogsvertise, writing journal entry is per invitation. You will receive notification via email if an advertiser would like you to review a certain website. Payment will be sent after 30 days upon completion of tasks. And here's more, payout increase is possible!

Payout Increases
Generally speaking our standard payouts range from $4-20 per entry dependant on rankings of blogs as measured by third party services. However we have the capability in our system to set your payout rates set to whatever you want. If your blog has a popular following or high ranking, has been online for over a year, feel free to request a higher minimum payout.

Advertisers and publishers are welcome to sign up here!


hopeful said...

Hi sis, thanks so much for contacting me and for sponsoring the ad.

Here's the image for my 125x125 ad.

Once again, thanks a lot. Have a great day!


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