Friday, November 20, 2009

I have mentioned Cornyman on my blog several times because I really admire his knowledge about the do's and dont's of earning online and he always share his honest opinion. Even before his contest, I already had my own plan of featuring his BLOGS here as a token of gratitude. Now, this becomes more exciting because of the prizes at stake!

These AD prizes will be for each blog

1. ONE x ONE MONTH AD (December) - Value: 4.000 - 30.000 EC - 5$ to 20$
2. Two x TWO week ads (January) - Value: 2.000 - 15.000 EC - 3 $ - 11 $
3. Four x ONE week ads (February) - Value: 1.000 - 7.500 EC - 2 $ - 6 $
4. 2.500 EC
5. 1.500 EC
6. 1.000 EC

And the blogs are as follows:

Cornyman's Money-Blog
Cornyman's Blogreviews
All about babies and kids
The One Minute Guide
Best travel pictures in the world

Here's how to join:

Simply drop cards on one or more of our blogs during the time of 19th - 29th NOVEMBER.
Please remember to make a comment on the first day (from 19th on) when you start dropping, if you want to take part in the contest.

You may also blog about this and get these rewards at the end of the contest:

~ 200 EC (if the blog post is written between 18 - 20th November),
~ 125 EC (if the blog post is written between 21 - 23rd November),
~ 50 EC (if the blog post is written between 24 - 25th November),
~ 0 EC (if the blog post is written after 25th November)

So yes, I am joining!!!

Winners will be announced in the first days of December! Goodluck!


GAGAY said...

hi! i am inviting you to join my blog game for the triple medical celebration that i would be having.

The Latest Buzzzz
Walking News Paper
Pinoy Medical Doctor

sephtian said...

tukeran link yuk.. link kamu udah kupasang di blogku.. hhehehe thanks before..

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