Thursday, December 10, 2009

Months ago, I signed up with LinkShowOff and installed this widget:

I then priced the link for $1 each and after more than 30-days, no one bothered to buy a link. My blog is already PR 2 and receiving lots of unique visitors daily through Adgitize and Entrecard but then again, no one seems to be interested. After placing it on my top left side bar, prioritizing an excellent advertising space in my blog, still... I don't think anyone bothered to click.

I, myself, have my own reasons for not purchasing a link on other blogger's LinkShowOff. For one, I'd rather advertise with Adgitize than buy a single link which has a tag, "rel=nofollow". Plus, 125X125 ad are more prone to "clicks" compared to anchor texts.

The links shown in the LinkShowOff widget are made nofollow as per Google's guidelines.

Second, a fee of $3 per transaction is way too much. ODESK just charged $1 per withdrawal so why can't they? Okay, I have nothing against LSO, but for now, let me just wave goodbye.


cornyman said...

There are some more things to say :)

They deduct the paypal fees from your "received" money. At the moment it's 30 cents + 3,9% means for 1$ an advertisers pays to show off his link on your page, you just get 66 cents in your virtual LSO account.
You have to wait until you have 10 $ which means 16 advertisers have to buy an ad.
As soon as you reach 10$, it's cashout time. You can't hold back the cashout that means, they deduct again 3$ and you just receive 7$.

It took on my blog now 6 months to get 6 advertisers for 2$ but i still need one more advertiser to reach the meager payout-level of 10$.

fedhz said...

I removed mine as well. Although they have colors that you can choose from, I still think it doesn't work well with my blog theme. LOL

I also placed it on my upper sidebar, asked my friends to buy links from me (LOL) but they didn't bother. (since they're already in my sidebar).. so I ditched it as well.

Anonymous said...

Oh I must take out mine too. hehe...

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