Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Too good to be true? NOPE! Here's my cash now:

This is for real! Join me on my quest to online earnings. Check QUICK Cash on the right side bar. And yes, ODESK is still the NUMBER ONE!


Ms. Marie said...

Wow. Good for you! How much is that is USD, do you know?

janelle said...

the only thing that i can say is wow :D

merry christmas :)

mary narvasa said...

hi ate liz. I signed up at odesk but then I am not given any task. what should I do? Any tips?

Anonymous said...

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Lizzy said...

@ Ms. Marie
That's $210. Here's the proof:
Paypal to Eon!

@ Janelle
Merry Christmas din! ^_^

@ Mary
Sis, apply apply ka muna po. Tagal ka na ba sa odesk? Email mo ulit if you have other questions. :)

dmax said...

WTF; nainggit tuloy ako

Liz said...

LOL @ Dmax. It's for real. Dami ko na pangmagic! Sadly, walang Zen boxes. :(

yuuki said...

congrats sis! early Christmas bonus!

fedhz said...

hello liz. congrats! mga ilang days/weeks mo to niwork and hours? ano gawa mo sa odesk? tips naman. or may blog ka about it. ^^ thanks!

dianne said...

wow! congrats sis! :)

Silvergirl said...

wowwwww, u can shopping now :) heheehe


Jena Isle said...

Hello Liz,

You're so blessed. You've got cash and you've won the book, wow. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

All the best.

Btw, you could write also about your tips for Odesk. Thanks.

Ms. Marie said...

Wow, congrats! That's some good money! :]

bambie said...

wow! congratulations liz!

btw, re. your question about MW, yes, you would have to request for a PIN and they'll send you the mailer with the PIN. after you correctly submit the PIN, you can request for your payout na. :)

Liz said...

Guys, I haven't made a formal post about my ODESK tips. So for now, please refer to this one muna:

Thanks guys. Just be patient and persistent. I've never imagined myself being engaged with this kind of online jobs. Haha.

1. Focus on quality not quantity in terms of job application.
This is not being pessimistic, but if you think you're not likely the best candidate for that job opening, shrug it off and apply to a different one instead. (Especially that you have a job quota)

2. Personalized your cover letter and be professional.

3. Update your ODESK profile.

4. Take Odesk TESTS. (Though, I did not take any aside from the readiness examination.)

- More to come. Keep visiting my blog. ^_^

Anonymous said...

hi sis! congrats! perfect for christmas :)

i have yet to earn from odesk. don't have the time recently. will update everything by january. haha!

btw, if you have any questions regarding your domain, here's my ym: elcalientemamma @ yahoo

Liz said...

Thanks sam! Okay na! Yihee! Take a look at my new blog:

Hahaha. Naadik ako. Later ko na ayusin template. <-the former

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