Thursday, December 24, 2009


When I first came across the BIG LOVE blog, the post about emotional cheating really caught my attention. I can relate to her sentiments and I believe every girl has her own story to share. From then on, I bookmarked her page and pay a regular visit. BIG LOVE is so close to my heart because it's all ABOUT LOVE! I also enjoy answering surveys from her (relationships meme, love/hate meme) with or without her permission. Just kidding. I see to it that I always leave a comment before grabbing them.

Here's one of the cute images from her blog... Sorry, I can't get over that "Emotional Cheating" post. Haha. It just reminds me of something and one very important lesson in life: TRUST.

Soooo kawaiii!

Celine is a sweet girl and reading her posts is so uplifting. It includes the excitement of being in love, the downside of having conflicting schedules, the right mindset for different challenges in life, and more. The soft pink layout projects an upbeat yet simple personality. It's nice talking with Celine and even though we just do it through comments on blogs or through the tag board, I still find her sensible. Give her a visit to experience the BIG LOVE!


My Memories and Crystals said...

wow, I will try to check this one too, I continue to fall in love with my one and only, haha!
Thanks for dropping by sis, have a blessed Christmas and more blessings ahead in the coming years!

My Memories and Crystals said...

Sorry Liz I didn't bother to ask you before, anyway, do u still need sponsorship? Please let me know, I can still share some of my EC's and other sponsorship you need as long as makakaya ko. Quite busy and have no time to visit last time. Pls. let me know. Thanks

Again, A Happy and Blessed Christmas!

Celine said...

Liz, this is such a wonderful Christmas treat from you. You make me feel so happy. I only read this blog post today (wasn't able to get online the past days). Thank you so much for the blog review. Hope you had a beautiful Christmas with your loved ones.

Anonymous said...

wykl b $ bs 29

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