Monday, December 14, 2009

I joined by commenting on all of his 5 blogs last November 19 and holla! I won on 4 of them! Here are my prizes from each blog:

1. 1st Prize - 1 month ad @ All About Babies and Kids
Effective: This week; good for 31 days.

2. 3rd Prize - 1 week ad @ Cornyman's Blogreviews
Effective: February/March

3. 5th prize - 1500 ECs from The One Minute Guide

4. 3rd Prize - 1 week ad @ Best travel Pictures in The World
Effective: February/March

Wow! I'm so lucky, right? If you want to try your luck, join my contest too:
BHO's First Contest is Officially Up! Join Now!


Ms. Marie said...

Congrats! I won too! I got three prizes. Yay for us! :]

Liz said...

Haha. We just missed each other when we are on each other's blog. LOL. I posted a comment on your blog! Congrats to us!

Jena Isle said...

Hello Liz,

Congratulations to you and the winners.

My contest is up too, you may want to join. Thanks.

My Memories and Crystals said...

wow, congrats, I didn't know this contest before, thanks for the info Liz.

Sherry said...

congrats its fun to win!

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