Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am already twenty four but I am still an active member of this forum. This is an online extension of Candy Magazine. Some of my friends usually tease me every time they see the colorful site open on my personal computer. I should be browsing through Girl Talk or any other adult forum they say. They are correct but Teentalk is so dear to me ever since college days. The first person I saw logging in here was my shop supervisor during my training. The site is so girly! You will get the hang of eye candy. Pastel colors are nice to the eyes, so relaxing, so sweet! For me this represents my nature as a jolly girl. The site is full of life and so am I!

The forum has several boards and I love Relationships and Beauty-licious the most. I just lurk around on other threads. In the Lovelife thread, I find my experiences in life very useful. Most teenagers there are having relationship dilemma and it makes me feel good and of use as I post and give my advices them. And I have also utilized this feature once I experienced being broken hearted years ago. Teentalk forum introduced me to one of the most important people in my life. Cheesy. (Hope he can read this.)
I am a fan of Beauty thread as well because it provides me girly tips. It supports my vanity and I am happy for it. I also enjoy posting testimonials about other product. But unlike here which is a detailed review, there my opinion is usually a one-line or three sentences at the most.

Even though this community is full of teenagers, they seem mature enough for their age. The discussion board clearly displays their beliefs and stand for every issue. When misunderstanding arises, moderators come into view. They are responsible enough to warn members and do the necessary actions. Since everyone has different opinions, arguments or disagreements are pretty normal. I think this is why the site develops the “karma” feature. This one allows the member to give YAYs (positive points) or BOOs (negative points) to each other. Just below the username, you can see the total yays and boos you have. Brilliant idea. Though it is not reliable for me. It is up to you how you would like to interpret the karma scores. Also, you can only give 1 yay to one person per hour. So what if I’ve got a hater, will I get a boo every hour? Possible, but I don’t care. As long as I can express my opinions, this forum is good for me.


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