Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Got mine, at long last! I've been shopping at SM since I don't know when but I've just got time to avail my "own" SM Advantage card only last Saturday. I was with my bf then doing the usual weekend grocery thingy. Wow, I've never imagined that the SMAC application could be this easy. Here's my temporary SMAC:

Yay. I'm not into collecting points and redeeming them right away. I just think that having a SMAcard is a good idea especially that I always shop around SM stores and other partners. Who knows, it could offer better perks in the near future. Right now it gives enjoyable discounts and other privileges. Hmmm. I still have to wait for my permanent SMAC. One more month. Just one more month and the 0.5 - 1.0 pts will be on the right places. LOL.


Narc said...

Hehe.. now you're trapped into this endless loop of shopping back to SM - for the points and the perks! :)
Henry Sy has finally won you over! hehe

- nvtellan

bambie said...

Having an SMAC has its advantages, really. I have had mine since they first launched it and I was able to buy groceries by exchanging the points I earned from using the card for SM gift cheques! Congratulations and enjoy the perks of being an SMAC holder.

Vera said...

I applied for SMAC and then when I opened a BDO account and later on a credit card, I switched to the one linked to the CC for even more points.

Just present it everytime you make a purchase. It's accepted at Petron gas stations too, also at Watsons. Some restaurants also have promos.

Then after several months (after Christmas maybe) check your balance at the cashier and you'll be happy to know you can use your balance to pay for some of your purchases. Hehe.

lizzie said...

Yay. I hope so. Though sa Robinsons kami naggrocery kahapon. Haha. ^_^

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