Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Winner of Layout # 2!

Yahoo! Ritz of "A Girl Blogger" just made my day! I won a brand new layout and this is it! The overdue blog makeover I'm dreaming of! Haha. I'm so excited. From PINK to GREEN... oh, I can hardly imagine the super cool transition!

Hey Ritz, thank you in advance!


Guys, if you want templates for free visit her site! Join her contests and you might win cool prizes. :)

Here's what I've got:


bambie said...

wow! congratulations liezl! sana one of these days manalo din ako sa mga blog contests...i wish. LOL! looking forward to your new layout.;)

l_i_z said...

Yeah. Hahaha. I know we've joined a lot of contests! Good luck to all of us. ^_^

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