Friday, October 09, 2009

Disclaimer: Guys, please bear with me for the meantime. To all those who exchanged links with me, I'll update my blogroll later. As for the contests I have joined, I will also place the contest banner back on the side bar. Major revamp... hoping for your understanding....

At long last, I was able to figure out why I was not able to upload any new template. I was still using the classic template giving me no "BROWSE/UPLOAD" options. After upgrading to a new template, XML is now supported! Yay. Brand new controls on my dashboard came out and I was able to navigate through it. After creating a backup for my old HTML codes, I then uploaded the new one.

The Result?



- brand new layout, cool and sassy
- 3 columns!
- i love it, hope you feel the same

- required much editing, as in big time
- oh oh, the links, banners, etc... sorry guys, don't worry I will edit this template asap.

(I've got backup, no worries! ^_^)

Credit goes to: A Girl Blogger
Thanks Ritz!



moonzkie said...


it's green.. and it's soo organized..

<3 it sis.. XD

Liz said...

Thanks moonzkie. :P I really really love green. Now I can enjoy pink and green at the same time. Ritz gets the credits. ^_^

engr.kemm.coe said...

how about the pinkville? new template!!!

Liz said...

Pinkville stays pink. Haha. I love them both eh. :)

How's ODESK?

engr.kemm.coe said...

yah taga batangas po ako..san ka po dito sa batangas?bilihin mo na lupa ni uncle..200k lang..wahehehe!!!

liezl said...

Cuenca kasi, ilang sq mtrs? Batangas City po ako. ^_^

realmofadreamer said...

i love your new layout... so cool!! :)

bambie said...

your layout is very fresh and bright! cool! i was trying to change my layout, too, earlier, but the thought of editing all the page elements i have overwhelmed me.

i'm still trying to convince myself to go ahead and change the layout. LOL!

congrats on your new layout!=)

Madong Arizona said...

This Green layout is cool.
look, I love the header pic

Mom said...

I like the green a whole lot better than the pink.

Nice job.

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