Monday, October 19, 2009

Instant $35 from ODESK!

Got another job done! Five web hosting articles for $10. Soooo quick!
Plus, I've got a very positive feedback: 5.0! Perfect!

Quality and Fast work. I will hire again.

And here's my pending payment so far:

If you've noticed there's another $25 due on October 22. That's for 5 article rewrites in "spin" format. Such a great pay for an easy task. I am really enjoying here at ODESK, not to mention I am learning a lot of things based on client's specifications.

As of the moment, I am working on my $55 assignment. Yup, busy as a bee! Join me!


Pinay Mommy said...

I am an Odesk member but haven't finished any of their exams there that is why I don't have tasks from them.

Mark Ian said...

Wow. You're doing great getting all the tasks done. sana meron din akong writing skills tulad ng sayo.

keep it up! ;)

meri said...

Wow, that is really nice!

l_i_z said...

@ Pinay Mommy
Awww, I know you're getting busy each day... Just find time...:)

@ Mark Ian
LOL. You've got VERY GOOD writing skills din kaya. Your blog said it all. ^_^

@ Meri
Yup, thanks. Any update?

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

good work. are they consistent in paying?

gengen said...

I am also a member of odesk but very busy in my store that i am not finish of their exams...

Liz said...

Yes, consistent payment.
I haven't taken any other exam except for ODESK Readiness test. LOL. Got no time as well.

Sharkbytes said...

I have all the Odesk downloads on my computer, but never really got started with them. I got put off a bit by what seems to be that they watch you to check your time by web cam. Do they really do that?

Lizzy said...

@ sharkbytes, that is only if you are on an hourly project. They use it to track your activities during that particular hour. Of course clients won't pay for nothing. That is why I prefer FIXED price. I can control TIME. :)

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