Friday, September 24, 2010

Keeping your family safe is very important. While there are many things to think about when it comes to precautions and safety, there is one area where thoughts sometimes fail to enter the mind. The topic at hand is actually located in many back yards - the swimming pool. Families with young children will often consider pool safety in terms of ways to make sure that kids cannot access the pool area unless they are properly supervised. While this is certainly important, another area of concern is the balance of chemicals and bacteria within the pool water itself.

Many people use a pool start-up kit when they first acquire a swimming pool, but then maintenance falls by the wayside as time continues. Keeping track of the chemical balance in the swimming pool is always important. Levels of bromine, chlorine and PH all have an effect on the look, smell and safety of the pool water. Keeping everything within proper range will ensure that bacteria levels do not rise out of control. When bacteria levels in swimming pools get even slightly out of whack, people can become sick. E Coli, rhinoviruses and gastroenteritis can all thrive in environments where chemical imbalances occur.

Proper chemicals are available at stores where pool supplies are found. In addition to bromine and chlorine, you will also find algaecide, alkaline additives, and other pertinent pool chemicals. Testing kits are also available, usually in the dip strip form. These kits allow you to test the levels of individual chemicals as well as the water quality. Most tests are color based and enable you to hold the strip up to a chart for an instantaneous readout of the chemical level. Based on applicable levels, you can then add the correct stabilizers to even out the condition of the pool water. Keeping your pool family-friendly doesn’t need to be complicated or time consuming.


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