Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stay Safe Offline, Too

While many sites are dedicated to online safety, everyone should also take precautions to keep their family safe in the real world, too. Online protection can be as easy as clicking a button or installing a piece of software, but real-world dangers are a little trickier. Sometimes, we get so immersed in the internet that it's easy to forget.

While slips and falls account for many injuries inside the home, both over-the-counter and prescription drugs are also dangerous. For small children, the attractive colors and packaging of some medicines can be extremely appealing. Let's face it; some children will eat anything. Older children like to experiment or could have depression issues that they are trying to self-treat. Abuse of both over-the-counter and prescription medications is on the rise. Make sure that you secure all medications and keep the poison control center's number handy.

Car safety is another big issue. While we worry about those long trips, most accidents happen within a few miles of home. This could be due to being over-confident on our home turf, or it could be because we're always worrying about day-to-day responsibilities. Try to be aware of the traffic and road conditions at all times, always wear your seat belt, and cover yourself with good car insurance. If you've let your coverage lapse, don't forget to get a few auto insurance quotes for a good price.

Make sure you protect your personal information offline, too. Identity theft is on the rise in real life just like it is on the internet. Shred all of your financial documents, and pay attention to who's looking over your shoulder at the ATM machine. While using your debit or credit card, look for anything unusual before inserting your card. Many scammers insert a tiny device in the slots at gas pumps and ATM machines to record your personal information.


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