Saturday, September 25, 2010

As a parent, you're probably familiar with the frustration of planning activities for your family fun nights. It's a wonderful idea to have an evening set aside each week for relaxing and sharing some quality bonding time, but it doesn't always work out the way you anticipate. Let's face it, as kids get older, it's difficult to keep them interested in the traditional board games or playing cards.
One solution that many parents enjoy is to build a family game night around video games. If your kids love their DS system or are Xbox fans, you can probably spend quite a few nights competing with each other using the current video games you have at home, but there are some drawbacks to this kind of family gaming. For one thing, your kids are going to have a distinct advantage if they've been playing their games for hours every week and you only play the game on family night.

We know the goal isn't to win, but honestly, is it really fun for everyone when one or two experts at a particular game always trounce other family members soundly week after week? You probably also have to contend with your kids each clamoring for their particular favorite game to be the game of choice each week. How do you choose even a video game that everyone will enjoy?

One of the best solutions is to download games the whole family will enjoy. One of the biggest advantages to this approach is the constant availability of new and challenging games that can satisfy the whole family. Your family fun night can begin with the whole family choosing a new game to download. When playing the a new game you've downloaded, you'll also even the playing field, with everyone starting at the same skill level, which keeps the competition a friendly, fun, learning experience everyone can enjoy.


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