Sunday, February 07, 2010

Oh well, a round of applause for Mary N.! Not only for bagging the two major awards from BHO but also for being a successful oDesker. And hey, I really appreciate the credits she had given me:

First of all, it makes me feel great to be able to help other people especially when it comes to extra earning. I'm happier when someone is happy because of me! Haha.

So, what does it take to be a successful at oDesk? Interest, determination, patience and all positive virtues you can think of.

I have posted my personal ODESK tips before but I wish to add more. Probably few reminders to encourage more freelancers.

1. Have a sample article ready. You can showcase your talent by directing the clients to your decent blogs or portfolio. (Note: Having a great blog is like hitting two birds in one stone. Instant traffic from the client, and a grand presentation for him or her to get your dream job.)

2. Never ignore the instructions on the job posted. If the client wants you to type in the secret code, make sure you do it. It's a matter of test. If you can not follow simple instructions, what more on bigger writing responsibilities.

3. Subscribe to oDesk job alerts so that you'll be updated with the current job postings. To make it simpler, while you are browsing for the jobs you may MODIFY Search in different criteria then click SAVE SEARCH. You will get your daily job alerts.

If you wish to earn more and have what it takes to be an ODESKer, SIGN UP now and I can be your guiding star. *wink*


mary narvasa said...

I owe all that im earning now to you ate. yay :) thanks!

Vernz said...

Congrats, .... can I be included in your links? you're already in my list long time ago ... LOL!

Thanks dear!

melandria said...

wow, that's nice, can you give me some tips? And i really can't contact the other sponsors too, Nakakahiya naman mangulit. LOL.

Liz - Spread the WORD said...

@ Mary
Glad to help. Keep up the good work

@ Vernz
Oh, sorry if I missed your link. Let me review my blogroll.

@ Ria
I sent you an email sis. Let me check the link again

bambie said...

hi sis! i'm one of the sponsors diba? for ad spots? do i need to post the winner's badge already? if i have to, please let me know. i only squeeze in my blogging kasi nowadays because i have tons of articles to write.

btw, i've a tag for you here:

punky said...

congrats po!

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