Saturday, February 20, 2010

I've been inactive at Review Stream due to overwhelming opportunities at oDesk. But when I checked out my account, I just found that I'm few dollars away from my next payout:

Justify FullNote: Click the image to ENLARGE

Good! No need to send an email for a payment request, too! All you have to do is click on PAYMENT REQUEST once you are eligible to withdraw funds.

With RS, earning is so easy. Share your thoughts about a service or a product and you're good to go. For sure you are already aware that the current rate is $2.50 per review.


Anonymous said...

I'm new around here, seems like a cool place though. I'll be around a bit, more of a lurker than a poster though :)
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czaroma said...

nice you're about to receive your payout! I've tried RS wayback, like you, got too busy with other online works...

anyway, I've got something for you-

sterndal said...

this is actually my first time to read about review stream, sounds like payperpost? i wanna try!!!


happy blogging and thanks for ex links *wink

Liz said...

@ cza

Thanks to you and Bambie for this beautiful award!

@ Sterndal
Welcome. I have added you on my 3 blogs. :)

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