Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Finally, it has arrived! Rather, I was able to claim it. Holly, if you're reading this, it's not your fault nor mine. Haha. The shipping address is correct, only our Customs held it up on their office. I don't know why, there's nothing suspicious about the package, right? I even paid a certain amount of fee. I have the official receipt so at least I know it's legal and taxed. Alright, I'm just leaving it to them, whatever SOP they've got there I'm still happy and thankful that I've got my prize!

Their autograph make this book more sentimental. Thanks to Holly Jahangiri and Ryan Shaw!

I was able to finish the book in one sitting. Not only because it's short but because it's interesting that you'd rather finish it once you have started than shove the book and continue the next day.

So, what can I say?

It was my first time to read Holly Jahangiri's work and being a kid at heart, I was able to appreciate it. Nice. I am actually planning to bring the book with me when I visit Batangas so that my siblings can read it, too! I'll take a photo of it and my youngest sister. Haha!

This is not the official review of that book. I will post it on my other review site (SWORD). I'm just sharing my excitement to everyone.

Though the book is intended for children, grown ups can also learn from it. I don't know what a guppy is until I've read it. Eh? Right! Because I'm more familiar with gold fish. All through out, I think Irma will get a puppy. Haha. You really have to read the book to find out what happened. There's something more than just the title.

Thanks Holly! From now on, I will officially review all books, movies, and products that will be recommended and given to me. :)


As promised, here's a snapshot of my youngest sister reading the book:


Holly Jahangiri said...

Oh, good, finally!! I was really getting worried. I think all copies are finally accounted for and in the proper hands, now. Goodness - you should keep all the postal notices and marks as a souvenir of Irma's adventures in the Philippines. Sorry it was a bit of trouble for you, and SO glad it wasn't my fault! LOL - I thought surely I didn't get a simple address all wrong (esp. when it was a matter of cut and paste from your email). I am glad you and your little sister both enjoyed the story.

I don't know if you've visited my blog, lately, but I've posted a couple of short stories there this week that you might enjoy. There's one more in the queue, as well, for Valentine's Day.

melandria said...

Nice book. So, sorry i was not able to answer your question, i must really forget it nah, sorry, sorry. i have been busy for weeks trying to gain votes for my Yousaytoo awards.

if you are asking about the link for my contest, this is it.,

you can also click my big badge.. he he he.

I have tried to contact your other sponsors for ec credits and for the hosting but i was not able to get a response until now. I am actually using the antivirus now, thanks again. I'm using Sai and Kevin creation, you can visit them here, http://variouscontests.blogspot.com. I also make a follow up inquiry to alex but i think he might be busy.

thanks again. hope you can join in my contest. please do buzz about it too, so the others can join, kunti pa kasi ang nasali, maybe everybody is busy.

bambie said...

hi liz! congrats on the book. congrats also for your successful contest. i hope my contest becomes a success, too. anyways, napost ko na yun badge nun winners for the ad spots in both of my blogs.

Liz said...

@ Holly
Yeah! Haha. Thanks again. I always visit your site for updates. But I thought you've been busy coz it took time before my comment got approved( moderated). LOL.

@ Ria
Okay sis, no worries. Check ko na lang ulit. Sis, if you like, you can let me know the sponsors you haven't contacted yet (or those who haven't replied yet) so that I can help you sort this out.

@ Bambie
Onga sis, for sure magiging successful din yan. I'll support you!

bambie said...

hi liz! just wanted to ask something. i ordered magazines from ebay kc and arnd 1st week of feb i received a registry notice from the post office. it seems they held up my parcel as well, although word puzzles lng nman yun. anyway, a 35php customs fee was noted on the notice. is that the same as the fee you paid? my 1-month timeframe isn't due until next week. that's when i'm planning to get my parcel. sorry for the question. 1st time ko kc with this.

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