Saturday, February 06, 2010

I started my contest last December 1, 2009 so I tracked my blog traffic from that date.

Note: Click image to ENLARGE

Let's take a closer look on the starting point. (Contest Officially Begins)

The sudden rise of traffic during the first few days is very evident and it was still sustained by the succeeding days until mid-December.

And for the whole month of December, the number of visitors is still fluctuating. Now let's check what happened last January up to this point:

Obviously, there's a sudden surge of traffic on the date that I announced the winners. (Hmmm. What an idea, let me give a specific date of a certain event then change it later on to a new date. Haha. Bad, it will sacrifice my credibility.)

If you've noticed, for the past few days I haven't published anything unlike before that there is a daily post. Been busy with other stuff (personal and work-related) and other online earning quests.

So what to expect from BHO? First, updates about my trusted earning sites. Next, review of my newly discovered earning sites. Then the usual sharing of tips and tricks. Stay tuned and thanks for the usual support!


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sterndal said...

hi there!

thanks for visiting my blog :)

can we exchange links?

this is my first time in your blog and i already liked it much hehe



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