Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Pisobilities

Happy Valentine!

The Colayco Foundation for Education Inc. would like to invite you to attend the live Pisobilities, "A Seminar on Personal Finance" for only Php200.00 on February 20,2010. For reservation please call 637-3731/637-3741 /635-3245 or email

I have attended one of their sessions and I really learned a lot from it. Check my previous posts about Personal Finance Management for a quick refresher course.


eva said...

i have one of his books.

melandria said...

i have a tag for you, do visit my blog to grab. thanks.

Liz said...

@ Eva
I don't have any. Did not have the chance to purchase one or win one from the seminar.

@ Ria
Thanks sis, gotta visit yah!

satya said...

ur blog is so nice!By the way at your free time try to visit my site.I'll also visit yours often.I'll add you in my blogroll as soon as you visit mine.Hope you'l visit soon.

Liz said...

^Visited and left a comment. THanks!

satya said...

hi liz thanks for visiting.I have added your link in my blogroll.Please add mine to your list.

Also visit my other blogs.

levy said...

Hi Liz, I like the Geek T-shirt (the one at the bottom) Inform mo ko pag nakuha mo na yung t-shirt bibili ako pag walang duties and taxes from custom, nadala na'ko! Mas mahal pa taxes kesa sa t-shirt (may post ako nito nabasa mo na?)

Anyway, may award ako sa'yo, hindi nga lang monetary haha! check it out:

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