Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yahoo! I won again! I received the good news through email from Jacqui Pittenger of oDesk last February 5, 2010.

Hello Liz,

You were selected as a "Buzz" T-shirt winner for the month of January. Below you will find your coupon codes for claiming your free oDesk T-shirt. There are two codes - one for the T-shirt itself (up to $16.00), and one for shipping (up to $25 for international orders).

It took me long to post this because I was not able to claim my order due to billing errors. Luckily, they gave me new codes for discount coupons. With oDesk, one can never go wrong! Ever! Nice people and great earnings!

You can find the available shirts below. I ordered the second one. Nice print! If you want to place your orders, visit oDesk store now... Or, start earning at oDesk and post testimonials on you blog. Who knows, you can be the next lucky winner!

Thank you and more power to oDesk!


rhonss said...

wow! liz... =)

bambie said...

congratulations! :)

my contest will be up soon. but before that, i've got a tag for you here:

Jeck said...

Wow. Congrats sis! I'd love to get one too maybe soon.

How'd you get one anyway?

buzz me up,

Liz said...

^You must be an oDesk member and then just post about it on your blog. That would be a valid entry at the end of the month. SO you better join now. Follow my link and those tips and tricks! Thanks!

waroengdollar said...

congratulations, How you can become like this?

ayreachout said...

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