Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lately, I'm getting many writing opportunities from them but I only select which one I'll accomplish. Some advertisers require too many keywords and links. Take note, not just a single link but multiple links pointing to different sites. If only the price is right, it would be easier to complete these writing assignments. But what I love about Blogsvertise is that it respects my decision if I prefer not to take the task.

So for December, here is what I've earned. $10 was sent to me yesterday and then I received another payment today.

Payment is sent a month after completing the tasks so it means that it covers my November writing assignments.


Happiness said...

almost all of my opps are from them too sis. But lately I have problems with them. Two of the tasks I accomplished more than a month ago were not being approved or rejected. I sent them five emails and none of them responded. So I took those two opps from my blog hoping that I can use it someday.

Congrats Sis

Liz said...

That's sad to hear. Hope they will respond. I will check my account later to know whether or not all of my tasks are being paid. They send payment after a month of completing the assignments so I have no means to track their payment except through the site itself.

ces said...

Looks interesting... Might as well try this. Thanks for posting! :)

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