Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's good to know that antivirus these days offers a built in identity theft protection feature. I used to work in an IT industry as a Technical Support Engineer of antivirus software. During those times, we get a free license per year. Now that I'm no longer working for that company, I'm using freeware but not confident about it. I still have 2 licenses and I might install one of them once I have free time. Right now, I'm still busy with blogging and direct-selling.

I'm doing my business online. And I found the Internet as a place with limitless possibilities. I've earned online, won contests, met friends and learned a lot. Last time, I won a license from Privacy Pro to safeguard my online browsing. Unfortunately, I was not able to configure the settings and never got the chance to use it. I have uninstalled the software from my laptop. But with alarming online threats affecting Internet users each day, I am now looking for the best solution. As a previous TSE who works in AV company and used to virus removals and related tasks, I understand the risks. Viruses and spyware are not the only issue. Malware are now much sophisticated and they are targeting one's online account. Not just about stealing money but even someone's identity. For those looking for identity theft protection, IdentityHawk could provide you with the best solution.


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