Saturday, February 18, 2012

How Cute!

This image just went viral! Wanna guess why?

Take a closer look and tell me what you see.

Highlight what's inside the parenthesis ( ) to know if you've passed!

(If you see anything other than a sleeping puppy the internet has ruined you!)


Happiness said...

The first time I saw it I know immediately that it is a puppy. But when I read your post sis my mind wandered and I think most people who saw this see it first as a man's private part.

So, how are you Liz?

Liz said...

Haha. You said it right, sis! I know it's cute but I thought it was something else. I am so happy now because I am getting comments once again!
I just change the settings of this blog. Seems there is an issue with the recaptcha images or word verification.

Liz said...

And oh, it's sad but I can't post this comment on your blog - "Hi sis! It's been a while. You made my day by leaving a comment on my blog. Haha. I'm fine and I am missing my blogger friends. Stay sweet and safe!"

Hope you can make some changes like this:
How to Disable the Recaptcha Images (Word Verification) in Blogger

nv said...

I also knew it's a puppy because, well, a man's privates can't be that ummm... furry. ^_^;

Lizzie said...

Hahaha. But it looks like a soft stuffed toy! :)

Philippine Wedding Resources said...

Amazing photo !!

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