Friday, May 04, 2012

Have you check your blog's page rank? Hurry, there's an update!

This blog remains PR2 and that's fine with me. Of course I wish it could be higher but as long as the PR is not dropping, I guess I have to be happy about it.

Some of my PR0 blogs are now PR1 and there are also PR1 that became PR2! Now, that's an improvement. I'm planning to keep all my blogs updated as much as possible so that it can be indexed regularly. Link building is also on my list. I know I have to get more quality back links to boost my site's ranking. Well, it will probably take time but I'm not giving up!

See you around then!


Amber Smiths said...

That's really good post! I am luck that I found you on google . I am sure I will come back soon.

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Lizzie said...

Keep visiting!

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