Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Valentines Day

This is my first contribution to one of my closest sisters in this world. Since it is Valentines day today, I will share my opinion about the love month. I was supposed to have a date with my boyfriend today but he was not around... (unlucky that he was too busy for his thesis). But even he's with me right now, I would rather spend an ordinary day because Valentines day is not the only day to show affection to your loved ones. I strongly disagree on giving flowers, dates, and chocolates every February 14 because apart from it, the true meaning of Valentines has been forgotten. Simple yet clear, we must understand that what truly counts is not only the day "Valentine" but also its spirit. We must show 'em that every day is a love day... and we acknowledge the persons that truly cares for us.

As for me, I'd spend my day in my daily routine.. go to the office, work, have lunch with my pals here and then go home at 5pm. No more malling, cuz I know places right now are crowded with thousands of love birds. I'd just be stuck with them. My girlfriends and I supposed to have an all-girl out but we haven't talked it the last time around. Well, I suppose that me and my roommates will spend the evening by just hanging around and do the same things we do inside our palace.

Well, valentines as for my understanding still loses its meaning to those persons who doesn't truly understand how to show affection not only on every february 14th of the month. But still, I am happy seeing people loving each other even for a day... :0)


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