Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Due to time constraints, I was not able to update most of my blogs including this one. In fact, I forgot to post some of the funny yet disappointing happenings in my life...

For one, I did not spend my Christmas with my family. There has been a sudden change with my schedule without prior notice. Fine. They always have the final word so that's it.

Next, I forgot my ATM card PIN. I was supposed to withdraw my bonus that day and transfer it to my BPI account before the bank closes only to end up resetting my password after several withdrawal attempts. There you go - PIN RETRY LIMIT reached!

Just in time, I was able to request for PIN reset and withdraw over the counter before the bank closed. Whew! What a day! I thought the long queue won't just end and I have to spend my Christmas away from my family and without money!

Anyway, it's already 2011 and I really enjoyed my long weekend at Batangas. New Year vacation, I must say.

Happy New Year everyone! So sorry for the late greetings...

More earnings and blessings for this year!


ritz said...

Hi Liz, Meron ako contest http://www.girlblogger.net/2010/05/contest-win-free-domain-and-hosting-for.html paki promote naman oh.. kung pede..TY

Liz said...

Hi Ritz.
Nice to see you here. I'll post it here. :D

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