Friday, January 28, 2011

Thanks to Active Search Results, I was updated with the most recent Google Page Rank update. This blog remains PR4 and I'm happy about it. I'd rather see it like this than see it's PR drop. What makes me happier is that fact that most of my other blog's PR just increased. Make More Money Online has higher Page Rank now.

While most of my blogs are PR2, Pinkville and SWORD are both PR3 now. The rest of my blogs are either PR0 or NA. They are not older than 3 months anyway. Long way to go...

Now, how can your blog achieve higher page rank?
1. Link Building
2. Search Engine Optimization
3. Quality Content

They are just few interrelated concepts that you might encounter on your journey to higher PR. Sometimes, it's a mystery. You just buy a domain, setup the site, post few entries, wait for PR update and voila - instant PR!

But PR is not everything... Don't feel bad if your PR just dropped to zero or NA, it's not the end of blogging. There are still many ways to make money online. And your readers and visitors can inspire you more to produce quality content!

Keep writing!

And you'll definitely make more money online!


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