Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Very timely newsletter from Jobstreet! I was so busy searching for Singapore-based jobs when I received an email from them. It warns all jobseekers about job scams online. Here's an excerpt of the email:
We've noticed an increase in the amount of job scams recently. Scammers are pretending to be reputable Multinational Corporations, including Oil and Gas companies, and sending jobseekers an email confirming how they have been accepted for an interview overseas.

This would of course cost money to the jobseeker (air tickets, lodging, food etc.) but the letter states that the company is willing to ‘sponsor’ 100% of the jobseekers’ expenses. The catch? Jobseekers will have to pay a ‘refundable’ deposit of USD$100 upwards. Needless to say once that fee has been paid, the victim realizes that no flights or lodgings have been reserved and that the interview offer is false.

Sample of fishy letters from scammers can be found on the Jobstreet forum.


Litnik Communications said...

It's hard to find decent work nowadays, andami mga scammers who take advantage of you who work hard and they wouldn't give even a cent for your effort. Dapat magingat kahit sa jobstreet na akala natin safe hindi na din pala.

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