Sunday, November 20, 2011

I blogged about how Smart Bro USB Plugin Sucks last November 9, 2011 and here we go again... My 5-day UNLISURF got expired before the actual expiry time. As a result, I had to load up my Smart Bro account and registered for another 5-day unlimited surfing.

Take a look:

My UNLISURF subscription was about to expire at 6:15 PM but by 6PM, I can no longer go online.

How come I was able to register again by 6:13PM? I am supposed to get a message saying that I can't register yet since I have active subscription, right?


Nonoy said...

I have experienced bad times with Smart Bro Plug-It, even the old Smart bro broadband wireless; but since I subscribed for Smart Bro Canopy, it is doing great. Smart Bro canopy is much better than the old wireless broadband, much much better than the Plug-It.

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