Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Why is it, that everytime my unlimited browsing subscription is about to expire, the internet connection gets crazy? Countless times! It goes out just before my UNLI's expiry?! And no, don't tell me that my PC clock is not synchronized with your time! I keep adjusting it to be synched with your system yet you keep screwing up.

If I registered at 12 noon yesterday for a one day unlimited internet, shouldn't it expire at EXACTLY 12 noon today? Not 11:45 AM, nor 11:30AM. I am trying to maximize my time and working as fast as I can before my expected expiry time, but what the hell are you doing?!

Are you milking us by cutting our subscription? You're taking more than 15 minutes of my internet connection and it means a lot to my blogging life when I'm not at home!

I have my reasons why I am using Smart Bro USB plugin and I am paying in full to get registered, so please, fix your system. I won't rant about your Customer Service and Tech Support anymore because people already know how much they stink.

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