Thursday, July 22, 2010

ZERO?! It only means that I'm really busy these past few months. I used to complete 100 points each day and I can't believe that I let two months pass without clicking on any Adgitize ad. This resulted to a very low earnings and I was not able to reach the minimum payout.

I wish to be active in the Adgitize Network again. I've just renewed my Pinkville Ad today using the old banner. Hmmm. Not that eye-catching and interesting anymore. I'd like to have a new one. Can I get it for free? Hehe.


Jaja said...

panu ba toh? i'm such na noob. HAHAH.

Liz said...

All posts under Adgitize can be found here

To get started, check this out: Getting Started with Adgitize.
Hope it helps. ^_^

Mela said...

hi there. yeah adgitize is cool. been paid their once, hope i get paid again soon (laughs).

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