Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Money is like a grayware, it is neither bad or good - depends on its purpose. So when we hear other people say that "money" is the root of evil we consider it cliche.

Money plays a very important role in our daily lives that sometimes we can't help it but work harder to earn more. But during emergencies and we don't have enough cash, what can be really done? We can go for cash advance to resolve the current dilemma.

Cash advance loan is also known as post-dated check loan and deferred-deposit check loan. It has shorter terms and the amount of loan could range from $50 to $500 and since it has sometimes high interest rate,it was branded as costly cash by the United States Federal Trade Commission. Its advantages still outweigh the disadvantages so this resort is still considered as being helpful. The cash is guaranteed anytime right after loan application. It can cover up even the unwanted expenses and those unexpected ones.


caloy said...

sis anu ba sinabi ni anonymous?

Liz said...

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Tim | Every Peso Counts said...

There's a very funny trend going on these days... Not just full time employees... But also maids asking for a cash advance! It's crazy and I just got doped!

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