Tuesday, November 30, 2010

After pointing out Blogerzoom's redirection, some bloggers still complain about the popups they're getting from this site. I'm using Mozilla Firefox and popups are being blocked so I'm not getting them. But when I modified the settings, I also get the dreaded HYPERPROMOTE POP UPS! Yes, they are annoying!

It took me several hours to figure out where it is coming from. I only have few Ad blocks here and I trust each of them because they've been there for so long. Or maybe, this issue just came to my attention too late.

The advertising networks present in this blog are:
1. Adgitize
2. Entrecard
3. Bidvertiser

Once again, I did not suspect any of them. The first thing that I've taken out while trying to isolate the issue is the Christmas Countdown Widget. Next is Chatbox. But then the hyperpromote pop up is still there.

I have no issues with Adgitize and Entrecard on my other blogs. The only difference between this blogspot blog to my self-hosted blogs in terms of advertising networks is BIDVERTISER. And this is the only one which is suffering from that pop up. I contact Bidvertiser support to verify if the pop up is coming from them. I mentioned hyperpromote on my support ticket but they did not directly reply to that question and emailed me instead:
You can disable pop ups by managing your account and changing your Preference.

There you go! I disabled the pop up ads by switching the radio button to NO.

Are you still getting hyperpromote pop ups in this blog? Is your blog giving you the same random pop up? Check the advertisers's codes on your blog and you should be able to point it out.


Marj said...

Thanks for this! this is really a great help.

Liz said...

Welcome sis. Nice to see you here!

yashiro said...

Thanks Liz this post really help me get rid of the pop ups. Merry Christmas!

Liz said...

Glad to help Yashiro! Merry Christmas, too! Hehe. Belated greetings. Advanced Happy New Year!

TimmyLicious said...

thank for this. i been receiving this pop ups as well. and was scratching my head to find which ads give out the pop ups that is until i read your post. well i disable it already and just leave it to be pay per click.

no point for getting more money by annoying visitor right

Liz said...

@ TimmyLicious
Visited your site and got no pop ups. That's good!

And you are right... we don't need penny if it will drive our readers away. :)

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