Saturday, November 27, 2010

Because I've been using Globe's wi-fi, I haven't used my Smart Bro USB Prepaid plugin to go online. We're having internet connection today so I have no choice but to use my Smart Broadband USB. I tried several times to connect to the internet but it won't. I sent P20 load using my other SMART sim and then it worked. Turned out that the existing load has expired.

Once I am connected, I received 5 messages to my Smart Bro inbox. 2 for PasaLoad and 3 from 2200. Here's the first message:
Welcome to Smart Bro Fun Free Fifteen Promo! Your free 15 minutes for today have been credited already. Pls maintain at least P1 load to enjoy your freebie.

Wow! I just learned about this thing today. I read the other two messages and followed the steps on how to register to Smart Bro Fun Free Fifteen Promo.

You just have to create an account with Smart Bro Fun Free Fifteen and then check-in to get a chance to win one, or all, of the 15 prizes everyday. Just check-in every hour from 9am-12m for more chances of winning!


Tsina said...

Nice for Smart to have this promo. I just have they could have a good connection all the time. =)

Liz said...

Haha. Yeah, right. This is just one of their marketing strategies. Sad to say, I keep getting disconnected before. Right now, I'm still into Globe wi-fi. SMART is just a backup. Oh well... I think there is no perfect ISP. Arghhhh!

btw, nice tattoo! :D

Anonymous said...

I saw the complete list of winners for the fun free fifteen promo but i noticed that no one won an ipad or a mac air. These items were listed as one of the 15 prizes for the hourly raffle, but since November 21, these items were never raffled. How come?

Liz said...

I have no idea. :(

Haven't won even once.

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