Sunday, November 07, 2010

Thanks to Annpod for texting me and letting me now that there an annoying pop up on my blog!

I was really worried after reading her text message so I hurriedly check this site. True enough, I immediately see the pop up she's referring to:

Suddenly, I was so disappointed with Well, it's an Indian company so I am not expecting much from them. I'm not saying this to discriminate them. I'm just really upset.

Blogerzoom offers lots of SEO services and free submission to their directory listings is just one strategy to get more members or at least visitors. I had no negative experience with all the directories I had my blogs listed in the past. Unfortunately, blogerzoom ruined that lucky streak.

I've just removed their code on my sidebar under Top Directories widget. I did not expect that their iframe codes will result to flash advertisement that will cover my whole blog. It's not webpage redirection though. Blogerzoom page was overriding my blog so you'll have no choice but to click on that layer. Come to think of it, the code makes use of iframe instead of the usual image source and link. I should have been suspicious before. Oh well, I learned my lesson. I was able to figure it out easily, too because I just recently submitted my site to their directory and my memory still serves me right. If you wish to submit your sites to free directories, be wary of the codes generated before pasting it to your sites.


Kayce said...

I also experienced it sis na nareredirect yung blog ko sa site nila...kaya i immediately removed it! kakaloka talaga! huhuhuh!

supermommyjem said...

Hi Liz,

I have the same experience with blogerzoom that my blog has been redirected to their site so immediately I removed their code. Although I did not register directly to their website I found out that it was included in the code from rantop when I registered from them.

By the way, I have noticed that you have one pop-up here when I visit your blog it is

Happy Blogging!

Liz said...

@ Kayce
Yup, and di ko sya nanotice kasi wala akong nakikita.

@ supermommyjem
Oh, another pop up? Hmmm, I wonder what code is triggering it now that I have removed blogerzoom.

Do you have any idea sis? I need your help. Do you have a screenshot of that pop up? I will greatly appreciate it.


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