Friday, April 09, 2010

I just want to tell you guys that by sharing, you will really get something better in return. I just won a bag of cute stuff from Salad Bowl of Thoughts!

♥ a reusable paperbag made of recycled materials
♥ a bag holder (not from Papemelroti)
♥ a pack of scrapbook materials
♥ a pocket daily planner (very handy!)
♥ a small scrapbook (cute!)
♥ a bag charm (not from Papemelroti)
♥ bookmark
♥ stickers

You can check my winning answer here.

And the winning post, together with the fabulous quartet video is on Fortune Sharing.

Share your blessings! Share the fun!


If you're looking for the coolest giveaway this April, visit wifluvelle for her 100th follower GIVEAWAY!


Sherry said...

congrats :D

Liz said...

Thanks Sherry! See you around!

earthlingorgeous said...

I agree with this the more you share the more you get.

BTW just here to inform you that you can send the 1000 EC you pledge for my contest at to


Liz said...

^Thanks for letting me know. Sure, I will. ^_^

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