Sunday, April 18, 2010

Conservation is now a necessity, not a simple request. The environment needs to be protected, not abused. And no company shall deny their role within the world of carbon emissions. Liability is no longer hidden. The John Hardy company understands this and seeks to rectify it. Championing a cause beyond jewels, the brand is no longer content with the minimum. Instead they wish to reinvent not only their image, but corners of the globe itself.

In 2006 the Sustainable Advertising Project began. Through this John Hardy created a way to defend against greenhouse gases and their complications: the company shall return what it takes. This philosophy may seem to be an easy one but it is no less effective because of that. Due to the brand’s unusual usage of bamboo (a tribute to their Asian influences), acres are now being planted in reverence. The islands of Bali and Nusa Penida will receive this reward and the effects will be soon felt.

John Hardy: Customers Unite

There is more to this than simply providing bamboo to barren acres, however. The efforts rely instead on consumers. Each piece purchased within the collection will offer donations to the cause. It’s through the funding and support of John Hardy's clients that miles can now be restored.

And all of that support has led to even more attempts at environmental consciousness. Since the program began, efforts have been made to stifle carbon by reducing plane travel. Meetings have been conducted wirelessly and paper usage has been cut by over 70 percent. Such gestures help to offer balance and a promise of hope. John Hardy is not simply a jewelry brand. It is instead a new beginning and customers can follow their lead.


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