Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Macys promotional codes are nothing new to Macys customers and online shoppers. Many companies use promotional codes as a means of marketing online. Companies such as Macys frequently offer these codes through affiliates for online shoppers. In many cases, shoppers get promotional codes through sales or advertising emails. Some people actually sign up with stores and online sites requesting that they be sent these offers. This strategy serves many purposes, such as:

• It increases sales
• It improves website hits for the companies whose products they promote
• It increases website traffic for the affiliate websites offering the promotional codes
• It generates income for affiliates
• It enables consumers to save while spending

What Macys Promotional Codes Offer

Macys offers some good deals to customers who use their promotional codes. Online shoppers using Macys promotional codes can save on shipping, get discounts on selected items, and have a set dollar value taken off others. Other offers are only valid after spending a certain amount of money.

Promotional codes are normally applied at checkout, after selected items are placed in a virtual shopping cart. Like other codes, Macys promotional codes tend to have a set expiration date. Sometimes the offer lasts until stock is finished. One word of advice for shoppers using promotional codes: always read the fine print. Aside from the code itself, there will be information on what makes the offer valid and what doesn't.

Buyers should be aware that some stores do not exchange or refund payments made on items purchased using redeemable promotional codes. Nonetheless, the value and savings gained from using Macys promotional codes are worth exploring. Just make sure to use the codes for items you want or plan to give as gifts.


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