Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Moderating BHO Comments

Most of you might noticed that I have been moderating comments for weeks now. It is because I have been seeing a lot of spam comments on my posts. Interestingly, one of the most spammed posts is the one entitled "Cruising Together".

Of course it pissed me off. I'm so busy with lots of things and deleting such comments is consuming my precious time. So I decided to MODERATE all comments for this blog. Comments are very much appreciated here but if they are SPAM, there'll be no way for them to reach the public. Another good thing about moderating comments is that I won't miss any of them. So rest assured that all of your inquiries will be answered and more attention will be paid to your comments.

That's it! Thank you for the usual support.


vienna said...

you are right, it is much better when we moderate our comments instead of letting an "automatic approval" do it. this way, we read each authentic comment and we fish out all the spam.


Marissa said...

I hear you, i have this most of the time in my blogs too. Even the stupidiest comments like selling viagra pills on a parenting site!

Anyway, it might be tedious, but hey, that's the love for blogging! ^___^x

Crayons n Pencils

Pink Girl

"BUTTERY"fly said...

I got spammed before. And it's really sickening to moderate tons of it everyday. I'm glad I got rid of it. Though I am prone of receiving one again since I enabled the "Do-follow" on my site.

BTW sis, I am sharing an award with you. Please check it out here: Sisterhood Award

Have a nice day!

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