Sunday, August 15, 2010

I've just accepted this one a while ago. Thanks Mommy Rubz for this free domain and for providing technical support to my other blogs. Appreciated it a lot.

So guys, you may want to visit this magical blog of mine: MTGirl


blankpixels said...

Hi, sis Liz. Congrats on your new domain. My partner used to play Magic. She tried to teach me, but, I just couldn't understand it. LOL.

By the way, I'm hoping for your support / help in winning's blog contest. Please? :)

As a viral poster, you can also get a chance to win a Nokia 5530, PSP, iPod Touch or Sony Cybershot.

Here's my entry:
My definition of Sulitizen

I would really appreciate it if you could check out the mechanics on my entry.
To vote for me, all you need to do is post the Sulit badge (the codes are on my post) and a link to my entry on a new blog post.

Thank you so much! :)

- Michelle / Mhel aka blankPixels of Just Another Pixel -

Liz said...

I will check it out sis! :)
Enjoyable na hobby ang magic. Sana maglaro ka na din, para madami ng girls. Hehe!

amr abd elhafeez said...

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