Monday, August 02, 2010

SBOX: My New Shoutbox!

Aside from the thumbnails of related posts, I have also installed a new chatbox at the bottom right sidebar. This allows everyone to be engage again with BHO's latest craze. Feel free to share your thoughts, drop your comments or post your suggestions. Shoutbox is strictly for short conversations only. If you have a lot more to say and it is related to my posts, just go ahead and do so. Click the comment link, please.

I used to have Shoutmix here but when Google disabled this blog, I placed the code on Spread the W.O.R.D. after tweaking the layout to blend with its theme. I wish to have only one account for all of the Shoutmixes on my blog, unfortunately, it is one blog per email only. A limitation that they can possibly work on. Well, hopefully... for everyone's convenience.

So guys, since we have a new tag board you may keep your words coming. Thanks!


Alice said...

Nice work done on this blog

Liz said...

Thanks Alice.

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