Saturday, October 16, 2010

I've received 12 copies of this email today:

Obviously a SPAM, or should I say scam? I don't even have any account with Bank of America.

And what about the generic greetings? Companies should be guided by business etiquette - address your customers properly.

There are grammatical and typographical errors, too! (didn't completed?! cerification?!)


Sam said...

for me it's a scam! hummm I am worried about that because I have an account in bank of America. But so far I don't have any problem yet. :-)I'll keep my fingers crossed now or else :(

Liz said...

@ Sam
Sana nga wag maapektuhan yung may mga account.

BNP said...

BNP would like to congratulate MY TASTY TREASURES for being NUMBER ONE for the 2nd time in a row in this cycle's Hall of Fame! KUDOS! (",)

Check out who else made it to the top at BNP! :)

annpod said...

wrong spelling is part of the scam. I don't know why but I noticed that it has been evident on scam emails even a few years back.

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