Wednesday, October 27, 2010

COMELEC's website is DOWN when you need it the most! Welcome to the Philippines:

This time, I was saved from the hassles of barangay election. The 2010 National Election gave me a negative experience but it wasn't my reason for not going home to Batangas and casting my votes. I entrust everything to my parents and two siblings. I'm always away so I don't know anything about our barangay and its people. A while ago, I tried visiting the reliable election-related sites only to get disappointed - PAGE CAN'T BE DISPLAYED. It's not an issue with my internet connection but with the websites alone. As of this writing, I can't still access those two URL in the images.

Thanks to GMA News, at least I have an idea about election updates. Including violence and disorders though.

Sadly, this statement still holds true: Iba na ngayon, down pa rin ngayon...


analou said...

I also read in my facebook wall that there had been violence in many places because of the election. Nakakatakot na talaga. Kaya naman I am happy that my sister declined the offer to run for a brgy. kagawad.

Liz said...

Risky talaga maging candidate. Nung nasa Batangas pa ako since may kinalaman naman pagkandidato sa popularity, dami nagsuggest na lumaban daw ako. Lol. I'm not into politics. I believe I can still enforce justice even if I'm not in the position. :)

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