Friday, October 15, 2010

Show your love and affection to the kids who are fighting against cancer. You can donate cash or in kinds.

Spread the W.O.R.D (SWORD) can't campaign that much for this advocacy since I'm transferring it to a new host. Because of that, I created a new blog exclusively for charity purposes.

I'll be working hard for this one and income that will be generated by this blog will be donated to different organizations I'm supporting.

From Lending a Helping Hand:
Kythe is derived from a Scottish word “kayth” which means healing through simple sharing and togetherness.

It utilizes Patch Adam’s approach – incorporating laughter and bringing humor to patients/children for them to live a quality life.

Kythe gives children a semblance of normal childhood.

Services provided: (PETAL)
- Preparation
- Education
- Therapeutic Play
- Assistance during medical procedures
- Lend emotional Support

I've been blogging for a cause so it's about time to consolidate them in one online journal. Meanwhile, SWORD will still help in spreading the word since it has higher PR. It has broader subject and target market compared to Share and Care Club.

Check the links above to know how you can extend your support either by being a donor or volunteer!


nicquee said...

this is nice, Liz! gusto ko rin ng ganito for fabella hospital. :D

Liz said...

Yeah. Active naman ako sa mga outreach activities.

Yung blog ko pang-outreach hinahanapan ko pa ng domain.

This Nov 15, Gawad Kalinga Homebuilding naman. :)

Go sis, support Fabella Hospital. I'll help you din sa campaign. :)

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