Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When I stumbled upon this page, I thought this is promising because they will pay me $1.50 per 1000 views. My goal when I signed up here is for my file backup, I was not really after the payout since I do not think that my articles are that interesting because they are old posts way back college days. Most of my posts are rejected after review but I keep it there for back up. It takes long for the system to review my articles then publish it. I was not in a hurry so it was really not a big deal.

I like how associatedcontent informed me about their works. They are very detailed when it comes to comments about my submission. They always tell why it has been declined and what I can do for the editors to approve it. I read the guidelines then resubmit my contents, later on, it has been approved. When my published articles reached more than 20, I noticed that their response is getting quicker. I have found out that it is really normal and with that they trust me more. Every day, I reached hundreds of viewers. The more I publish, the more I get visitors. I am excited to receive my first payout no matter how small it is. The good thing about this site is I can always rewrite and post my blog entries. This is a good site for writing. You will benefit more if you’re a US resident because they are giving upfront payment. I feel bad that what I can avail is display-only-payment since I am outside US. I just wish that they can give equal opportunities to everyone.

I was able to earn $ 2.16 and they already paid me through Paypal last June. Since I have posted all of my previous blog entries, I already stopped working with them. I am focusing more on original content but not with AC anymore, still in search of greener pastures. Associated Content does not give rewards for referral. You may click here to sign up.


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