Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Too bad, "freebie week" is over. I was with my boyfriend at Trinoma last July 11 when a long queue at Krispy Kreme caught my attention. They are not store customers, mind you. So after buying a dozen donuts we approached the nearby table and asked the young man in purple. Tadaa! They were giving out freebies, compliments of! How? Just log on to and look for Purple Hunt code. Then you just have to present that code to the Purple Crew. Unfortunately, that "was" the last day of the promo. I hurriedly browse the site using my phone but it took me so long plus we already had our movie tickets and screening time was almost near. There, I missed it the purple goodies!

The next time I logged on to the site, what welcomed me is the Purple Hunt Finale. Just in case you're interested, you may want to try your luck and guess the location of the game. :P

Do you need a clue?

If in case the picture of the place is not familiar to you, and you don't want to go through the hassle of searching, just type Taguig City on the answer field. ^_^


Be careful not to get sick or you'll miss the fun. To quote them:

Keeping everyone flu-free!

For everyone's safety, there will be temperature monitoring on-site. Unfortunately, hunters down with fever will not be allowed participate and asked to go home. If you're feeling unwell, or have a fever or a headache, we hope you do the right thing and stay at home to rest.

Thanks for your understanding

Good luck guys!


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