Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Eversince I installed shoutmix in my blog, I've noticed more visitors dropping by. It's plain and simple. Shoutmix is more convenient compared to posting a comment on each blog entry. Also, it enables us to promote other website instead of the blogspot restriction. Say, you can post two different messages with a different name and URL at the same time!

Just a while ago, my shoutmix widget has reached 10 pages of updates, all new and unique messages. To return the favor, I visited each of the posted URL and typed a message on their chatterbox or shoutmix widget, too. Not only that I can learn from their blog, but it also allows me to promote my site.

Having shoutmix widget drives more visitor because it allows LINK EXCHANGE. Not just a 1:1 ratio but it's like a pyramid concept. An exponential growth! Just take this screenshot for example:

Imagine how many bloggers can see my link and visit my blog!

Here's a technique for a fastest way of BLOG HOPPING.

Use Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer and enable autocomplete.
This way, each URL you clicked opens a new tab in a single browser. It looks like this:

And, each new tab will have the "Name" and "URL" fields automatically filled with your details. So you can have as many tabs as you like and when you try to type in a message, it will trigger autocomplete again allowing you to select a message from the dropdown list.

It's not the bionic fingers nor the technology. It's our creativity!


Lina Gustina said...

Thanks, you're right, that's a creative tip... I'll try it too...

Ferie said...

Hi there... salam kenal dari pekanbaru. saya harap anda dapat mengerti bahasa saya. hehe...
Link me @

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