Thursday, July 16, 2009

In this cyberworld, it is a must to have competent knowledge about computers. Those who are not born lucky with that skill have all the chance to learn it through IT training. Here in the Philippines, there are plenty of colleges offering that course. It could be a bachelor degree or just a basic diploma. I took up Bachelor of Industrial Technology Major in Computer Engineering Technology. This 4-year course offered by Batangas State University allowed me to learn and enhance my technical skills. The very good thing about it is the practical training. This is a 4-year ladderized program that allows student to take it as vocational, technical, technological or bachelor course. Every year, it provides training not just on hardware but also software. I was indeed lucky to have practical training outside the university and became exposed to networking. There are also certificates offered from TESDA and other government related offices. Also, on-the-job trainings provided by school coordinator are really technical-related. It may range from PC maintenance and troubleshooting, PC assembly, software installation, router configuration, wireless setup, LAN connections and many more.

Aside from this course in this well-known university, there are also in-depth courses for IT. We have what we called School of Information Technology located in Alangilan Campus. They are the pros when it comes to programming, networking and OS configuration.

Other than my beloved university, Meralco Foundation Institute in Ortigas Center also offered programs or course of your choice in line with computers. My friends are currently taking up CISCO certifications. This is the brief list of courses offered: CISCO, Windows, Web Development, SAP Business One Logistics and Financials, Oracle, JAVA, Programming, and Linux System and Network Administration.

Not to mention the least, we also have several competitive colleges in our country such as Informatics Computer Institute, AMA Learning Center and ABE Colleges. They all give equal opportunities to every Filipino. Scholarships are available to deserving student. I, myself is a product of provincial and university scholarship. All you need is passion for information technology to acquire the desired knowledge. Furthermore, there is a need for practice to constantly hone the skills. Stagnant ideas will become nothing if just kept inside. Group studies can encourage an individual to share his or her knowledge to others.

Having IT training does not end in school. Even at work, my job provides me technical training as a reward. I have enjoyed free Windows Vista Certification training from Trend Micro, one of the leading IT industry and anti-virus company. I now have my Microsoft ID as a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.

There are also numbers of call centers or BPO patronizing computer-related course graduates. They prefer job applicants with computer background over those who have none. After all, it is easy to train those who know the basics of information technology. To name some of the contact centers giving job opportunities in the field of IT, we do have Convergys, ETelecare, DELL, IBM, Telus, Trend Micro Inc., and so on.

The thirst for technical knowledge has no limit, thereby giving us a wide range of opportunities to learn.


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