Friday, July 03, 2009

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Traffic Exchange with 150,000+ members

I am happy to let you know that I learned everything about from Review Stream. From here, you can conclude that RS is really providing helpful reviews. I signed up at easyhits4u after reading the review of a satisfied user. I entered my email address and verify it. Once my membership was approved, I navigate through the website and read the FAQ page. I find it hard to navigate the website on my first day. Later on, I figure out that I have to enter my own website first then I can start browsing or surfing. I entered three sites and I have to distribute the credits. The good thing is, no matter how many credits left with me, easyhits4u will still pay me based on the number of sites I have surfed. Having easyhits4u is a relief because it increases my page hits or blog traffic where there are advertisements. For me, the extra cash which is $0.30 per 1000 site surfed is already a bonus. So with or without it, I am enjoying its benefits through my blog. My only negative experience is that at a certain time, the server gets busy and I can not login. It happened 3 consecutive days and it lasted for more than 2 hours each time. I felt that few hours have been wasted in my attempt to sign in. Also, in the middle of browsing, I have been redirected to my account page and the reason is because there are no websites to surf at all. I wonder how such thing could have happened. One of the site perks is the bonus after reaching 25, 50, 100 and other page views which could be a banner, cash or credits. The banner impressions are useful because it is allowing me to display my banners. And I have just won cash once amounting $0.01. Not that bad for me. I have nine referrals as of the moment and I can not receive any incentive from easyhits unless my referral will browse 100 sites or more. And though it is more than 100 sites only $0.10 will be credited to me per referral. My current account with them is $0.83. Compared to Review Stream, its nothing. I do not mean anything here, what I am saying is that it is just the same price of my bulk review. So I would rather focus writing reviews than getting tired with the tedious clicking. But for those who are fond of PTC, this will surely work for you especially if you want your down line to grow faster. Most of the earning sites that I know right now, I just find them at EasyHits4U. You may get started by signing up HERE!

Surf Rules:
You have to wait 15 or 20 seconds before moving to the next site.


When you start surfing you will see the surfbar in top of the window. Wait until the timer changes to "Go," then pick a word that matches the image. Click on it to continue surfing. If you see a set of two words or numbers, the system is asking you to perform a simple calculation. Just pick the answer for a given equation. Make sure to click only correct answer.

The good thing about EasyHits4u is that you can enjoy putting up your own site for text ads and banner ads for free depending on your credits.


Anonymous said...

Funny I just joined yesterday and already surfed over 300 sites. I think this has good long term revenue potential plus is good for our Alexa ranking.

Liz said...

Wow. Good for you. Good luck and more cash to come. :P

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