Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm trying to adhere to my blogging schedule so aside from scheduled posts, I am consistently updating BHO with my earning escapades and payment proofs.

Here is my second earning from BlogToProfit.

My first earning is $12 so I have already earned $30 from them as of this writing!

Happy earning!


shydub said...

Good job. I only earned 19.5 from them last month. sana nga madagdagan pa opps ko from them.

Liz said...

Yeah. :) Do they approve blogs on My other blog is still pending approval. :(

fedhz said...

Hi, liz! kaka approve ko lang din and just received opps today. yay! basta link lang ba yun or onting review? basta related? 150 words lang naman diba? thanks and congrats! sana nga tuloy tuloy no? pero diba in peso sya nakasulat sa profile mo? pag payment in $ na?

Sassy-Pink.Com said...

ako rn, nbyran n ng btop noon. trusted tlga cla :)

Wordy Liz said...

@ fedhz
I replied on your blog. Yup, $ payment.

@ Sassy Pink
Agree ako. :)

Boffill said...

Thanks for this one. I'll try this. Sana makapag-post ka pa ng iba pang mga paid to blog sites. :D

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